The Best Cities for Art Lovers Around the World

Discover which cities around the world are best suited for art lovers! Learn about New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Charleston, Fort Lauderdale & Florence.

The Best Cities for Art Lovers Around the World

Every year, UBS and economist Clare McAndrew publish a report that analyzes the global art market. In addition, for the first time, McAndrew has also published a second report dedicated to the role played by cities in the United States in the global art market. Despite representing 4 percent of what appears in the Wondeur AI database, “star artists were the subject of 47 percent of institutional exhibitions and 23 percent of exhibitions in commercial galleries,” according to the report. Meanwhile, “emerging artists made up 84 percent of the database, but only 17 percent of institutional exhibitions and 36 percent of gallery exhibitions.

The report revealed that gender parity has not yet been achieved in these cities, and women's programs represent between 30 and 45 percent of the shows in each urban center surveyed. Take a look at the city-specific facts below. New York's risk appetite score was 82 for galleries and 70 for museums. The city's performance score was 21 for galleries and 36 for museums.

Galleries scored the best risk appetite score for male and female artists, with a score of 83 for both. New York museums obtained the best risk appetite score for male artists (7) and the second best for women (6).Since the 1960s, Los Angeles has long been a city known for encouraging diverse experimental practices, and the city's artists are nourished by its group of major art schools, which in turn have attracted some of the country's best artists as teachers. Locals have always considered Los Angeles a key art center, but at an international level, the city's profile has grown in recent years with the arrival of first-rate galleries, the opening of new private museums and the arrival of an edition of the Frieze art fair. Culture has played an important role in San Francisco since the city's earliest days, and has continued to be reinforced over the years by key institutions such as the SFMOMA, the San Francisco Fine Arts Museums and the San Francisco Institute of Art, and by notable galleries such as Berggruen, Fraenkel, Jessica Silverman and Jenkins Johnson. San Francisco's risk appetite was 74% for its galleries and 61% for its museums.

The city's performance score was 16 for galleries and 16 for museums. Chicago's risk appetite was 74% for galleries and 48% for museums. The city's performance score was 23 for galleries and 34 for museums. When analyzing gender breakdowns, Chicago museums scored the best for male artists (5) and the worst for women artists (1). Chicago galleries and museums also had the worst risk appetite scores for women artists, with 68 and 33, respectively. Over the past two decades, Miami's star has grown, thanks in part to Art Basel settling in nearby Miami Beach.

Meanwhile, museums have built strong programming and have started opening more and more galleries across South Florida. Miami's risk appetite score was 74 for galleries and 48 for museums. The city's performance score was 17 for galleries and 33 for museums. Despite all the talk about New York City and Los Angeles being epicenters of the American art world, too little attention is paid to other 35,000 cities in United States that have cultivated their own unique creative sensibilities. Charleston is already very attractive with its ocean views, its charming pastel-colored houses on Rainbow Row and its impressive food scene.

But now it also tops the list of most art-friendly cities per capita. Cobbled streets lead to more than 50 galleries and exhibition spaces along Gallery Row, while Halsey Institute for Contemporary Art and Gibbes Museum are just a stone's throw away in French Quarter. If you're a fan of winding canals that wind through Italy but prefer Tommy Bahama to gondolier's fringe look no further: so-called “Venice of America” Fort Lauderdale. Port Everglades makes this city a magnet for mega-ships as an estimated 45,000 residential yachts dock at one of city's 100 marinas making tourism one of its main industries. Cities dominated ranking with San Francisco (No. 1), New York (No.

2), Los Angeles (No. 3) leading way according to Money Colorado UK report. It is also among eight best cities for art & culture lovers. Europe also performed well with Vienna in fourth place followed by Berlin in ninth place & Milan in tenth. To learn more about these rankings & to see what other cities make biggest list of top 40 head to Money Colorado UK website.

Jessica Poitevien is Travel+ Leisure collaborator who currently resides in South Florida but is always on lookout for next adventure. In addition to traveling she loves baking talking to strangers & taking long walks on beach. Florence home to Renaissance treasures is work of art itself. Its old cathedral & churches are designed & built by artistic icons from past from Brunelleschi to Michelangelo. Visitors will feel its creative essence just by walking through its streets. Most tourists will rush to visit iconic Uffizi Gallery where masterpieces line corridors of this world-famous museum admire old sculptures & paintings with best collections from Renaissance period & 14th century expect to see pieces by Giotto & Simone Martini among others here there really is something for everyone. For starters head to Canyon Road to visit more than 100 galleries if you're feeling overwhelmed good place to start is Museum of Art & Culture India where you'll find selection native art filled with stories. In addition Carmen Thyssen Museum explores 19th century Spanish painting to see art from 20th & 21st centuries Pompidou Center is first center built by Parisian institution outside France located inside colorful El Cubo located in city's harbor. But there are many other scenes African art in city...

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